This weekend (Friday-Sunday) the hubby is headed out of town for a guys trip to San Antonio. I was happy he was getting away and was thinking what Dane and I could do over the weekend. Then I checked my email and found out that Dane has a Boy Scout camp out Friday to Sunday as well.


Do you know what this means?

The house will be empty! If I clean it on Friday evening, it will stay clean ALL weekend! I can do anything I want. I can drink wine at 11 AM in my underwear while watching Housewives of Orange County and no one is going to make fun of me or judge me for watching rich, spoiled women scream at each other.

I don’t have to share the TV or smack Stephen in the head when he snores at 2AM. I get 48 hours of awesome-me time and I don’t have to be accountable to anyone.

There will be quiet time, when I light candles and pretend my life is calm and serene. It is going to be magical.

Only 4 more days and heaven awaits!

PS: I love my family….I really do.

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