2016 Trips to come + CRUISING 2017!!!

2016 is coming to an end really quickly! I wanted to let you know what I have coming up.


At the end of September the husband is headed to San Antonio for a Punk music festival with his good friend John. I get to skip this one…yeah! I booked them a hotel right next to the venue. He told me that they could have stayed farther away to save money, but I explained my point of view. Do you want to go to an all day punk festival full of beer swilling 20 year-olds and use porta-pottys all day? What if you get a headache or want to take a nap? You’re 41 not 21! He agreed and they are happy to have an easy escape and a clean toilet.  With age, comes wisdom.


The first weekend in October is the ladies trip to New Orleans. Mom, sister-in-law and myself are headed to the big-easy for beignets, hurricanes and ghost tours! We even plan to get our palms read. I am not so sure I want to know what my future holds, but who knows? Either way, we should have some serious fun.


The first week of November, hubby and I will be in Vegas for our 17th wedding anniversary! We are going disc golfing and driving out to the Hoover Dam. We are also set to see Blue Man Group in the splatter zone and Ka front row, center! It should be an awesome trip. We are staying at the Luxor for 4 days.

That will wrap up 2016 for the traveler in me. Maybe I will spend December just cleaning my house and napping?



2017 is set to start with a surprise cruise to Mexico!!! Didn’t see that one coming!!!!

My mother-in-law has been talking about a cruise with family for 20 years. She finally got all the ladies to agree and her and the 4 daughter/in-laws are headed off on a 4 day cruise out of Galveston Texas to Cozumel! I have never been on a cruise and I am super excited.  Thanks Mom-in Law!!!

This will kick off 2017 travel beginning mid-March.

I’ll post again when I get back from New Orleans. Remember to travel, life is short. Don’t wait 20 years to plan a cruise!


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