Long Time-No See!


Did you miss me?

It feels like forever since I did a post. We got back from family vacation and school started and life just got too busy!  I’m back with a vacation  recap!


Family vacation recap!  The last week of July we headed out for a week away, with plans to drive through Louisiana, Mississippi and land in Alabama to see the Atkinson Family in Enterprise. From there the two families headed south to Panama City Beach, Florida for fun & sun!. After that, the we (just us 3) took off for Santa Rosa Island and Pensacola, Florida, then on to Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana!

Vacationing with other people is tricky at times, as we had competing desires and plans. Compromises were made and no one killed each other, but there were some tense moments.

We did have fun. The beach was beautiful, even though it rained a bit. We had a great Air B&B house with a screened in pool and got to go snorkeling and saw dolphins swimming in the bay! Dane and Stephen’s favorite was the blue crabs that swam around them. They are so cute!



We swung by the USS Alabama to see the ship on our way to New Orleans. It was amazing but the submarine was claustrophobic.


In New Orleans, we checked into the Hotel Bourbon Orleans. The #1 most haunted hotel in the state! We were on the 6th floor where the orphanage and morgue used to be. Unfortunately, the ghosts were on vacation and we didn’t see any. Be aware if you stay in downtown New Orleans…there is no parking. We did valet and our car was parked 20 miles away!

New Orleans was beautiful and dirty at the same time. It is an awesome city to explore.


Finally, it was time to head to the swamp with air boats and alligators! This was cool.



All in all, it was a great trip. I will say, one negative that I did not anticipate was constantly being on the move. We were in a different hotel almost every night. It felt like we were constantly packing and unpacking the car! This I can do without. Lessons learned!

We are back now and in full fall mode with school, work and more travel planning. WE have 3 more trips planned for 2016 and a new exciting adventure planned for 2017!!!

To be continued…


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