To Pack or not to Pack…

I am a planner. I like to feel in control. Everyone knows this about me.  When it comes to actually packing for a trip, I am the complete opposite. I can pack for a 2 day or a week long trip in 1 hour.

I leave for Victoria, BC in 6 days (Sunday). My son leaves for scout camp for a week on Saturday. I can not even begin to think about packing for myself until I can get my son out the door. Therefore, I have to do everything for myself on Saturday.  This seems totally doable to me. My mother, on the other hand, is a complete basket case. She has been laying out her clothes for this trip for over a week and likes to go in and stare at what she has picked out.  She came up this weekend and started asking me what I had packed and when I would be finished. When I told her I was not packing until Saturday, I swear I heard something in her head pop.

WTH Lion

She is now sure that I will have nothing packed Sunday morning and I will have to borrow her clothes. She knows in her heart I will be wearing the same pair of panties for a week straight. Somehow, she thinks her 41 year old daughter who has been traveling since birth can not calculate how many pairs of underpants she will need.

I do not understand how my mother thinks that I could not possibly pack in a 24 hour period. She asked me “Are all your clothes clean?” Well, no mom. I plan to wear clothes this week so some will get dirty between now and Saturday, but luckily I can always take them down to the creek and bang them on a rock with some lye soap before I have to pack up.  We are obviously from 2 different worlds on this one.

confused camelion


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