A Wedding and a Gown


Road Trip!!!! I just found out my cousin is getting married next year in Austin on April 1! No, not a joke!

I have been waiting for one of my 2 wealthy cousins to finally get married, because, I knew they would do a fancy wedding! For me this means showing off my super hot husband, all gussied up in his grey pinstripe suit and I get to do something I never get to do…DRESS UP!!! I mean, really dress up. I am going to get to go formal dress shopping! The last time I wore an evening gown was to my wedding! I’m thinking something like this.


I think we may also rent an AirBnB house. My Aunt will likely block rooms at a very expensive hotel, and that could be fun, but I can see my hubby and I, with my mom and her sister and husband chilling on the back porch of a nice Austin bungalow having a drink on Friday night. I guess we will see as the date gets closer.

I am going to have to find a hair dresser in Austin too! Can anyone recommend someone?


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