The Cheap Traveler and new luggage!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m cheap when I travel. Being cheap allows me to use my money wisely and get to do more stuff! Priority 1 for a hotel is a free breakfast. I don’t book a trip without heavily researching every possible discount. I use coupons to save on everything when I travel, from the buy-one-get-one buffet coupons to my just purchased discount whale watching trip on Groupon!  Plus, I don’t just buy a Groupon. I wait until Groupon gives me an extra 20% off, then I buy. Double-super cheap!  I am relentless.

For example, I play a free casino game on my iPhone that is based around the MGM hotel  chain (MLife). When I play the game I earn points. These points can then be redeemed for free stuff in MLife hotels. Last year, the hubby and I went to Vegas (on Spirit!) and I put my points to work. We got a free premium ticket to Cirque Du Soleil (2nd row!), 4 free beers at New York New York, and 2 free admissions to the Mandalay Bay Reef Exhibit. I saved us close to $200! BAM!

We are contemplating hitting Vegas again this year. I started digging for a trip deal. We can go Sunday to Wednesday, 4 days, 3 nights, flying (Spirit) out of DFW and staying at the Luxor (Not the best, but not the worst by far.). Round trip shuttle to and from the airport to the hotel included.  Total cost for 2 people…..$317.93!  Damn, I’m good!

Next stop on the cheapskate train…Spirit approved luggage. You know I’m not paying bag fees. Hell No! That defeats the purpose. So, I begin to dig. Spirit allows 1 free personal item that must fit the following dimensions 14x16x12. Challenge accepted!

I dig until I find videos of cheap people like me talking up their bags on YouTube. Then I find it…the American Tourister Atmosphera II Overnight Tote!


Measurements: 15x14x8.5…It is the holy grail of travel bags. It has wheels and a handle. It comes with a warranty and only weighs 4 lbs. I saw a man on YouTube fit a weeks worth of clothes, a laptop and a video camera in this bag. Obviously, you are not getting an evening dress or a 3-piece suit in this, but we are not those types of people.  On to the best part…$39! That’s right…the bag is cheap too. I am so happy right now!

Next issue…I need 2. One for me and one for Stephen (hubby). I don’t want 2 black bags. I dig…this bag only comes in one color. Poo. I look at other bags…too expensive or not right. I go back and look at this heavenly bag again and then I see it…the American Tourister Atmosphera Overnight Bag.


It’s the exact same bag in blue!!!!! Did you notice that one is called a Tote and one a Bag! WTF? I am so excited at this point. I have found the best of everything. Plus…since I spent more that $50…FREE SHIPPING! I immediately purchase this through Ebates so I can earn 1% back.

I can not wait for my next flight on Spirit Air….I bet no one has ever said that before!


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