Oh Holy Hell!


It is not easy to admit when you completely fail at something you take pride in doing well.

September 1st of last year, I jumped on Expedia and bought the bucket list trip to Vancouver Island for my mother and I. 7 days, 6 nights, water view room, 2 Queen beds….oh wait…no I didn’t!

Yesterday I called our hotel to verify we had a water front room, on a high floor, since the hotel is doing renovations. The manger on duty was super nice and made sure everything was right. Then she verified that I requested 1 king bed. Uhhhh, no! I explained that it was my mom and I, and we needed 2 beds. She said “no problem”! Sweet! Disaster avoided. So glad I called. Back at work, I checked my Expedia itinerary and they were right, I screwed up and requested 1 bed. FAIL! At least it was all fixed now!

Not so fast!  3 hours later the Hotel manager (Grace) called to inform me there were no 2 bed rooms left with water views, but they could give me a city view.  No one goes to the Pacific Ocean to look East out their window. Blah!  At this point I was upset and almost in tears. I explained to the manager that this was so important to my mom, as this was one of a few, select places she wanted to see before she died. The manager immediately told me that she was going to do some shuffling and get back to me.

As I hung up the phone, I realized that I just implied that my mother was on her death bed and the sight of the Pacific Ocean out her hotel room window was the only straw she was grasping onto, to keep her in this world.  Oops. My 74 year old mom has more energy than me and will probably out live us all. I felt a bit guilty, but what was I going to do?

By this time it’s 4pm and I get a voice mail from the hotel offering a 2 bed suite with an obstructed view of the harbor, or we can stay in our ocean view room and use a roll-away bed.  I’m thinking the roll away sounds good. My mom is a kicker and sharing a bed means no sleep for me. It’s my fault we’re all in this pickle, so I will make the best of it. I went to the hotel website to check out the roll-away and see that it cost $30 per day! That’s an extra $180! SHIT! 


As tear rolled down my cheek and I realized I had no one to blame but myself.  I am defeated, there is no fight left in me. I called Grace and left a voice mail with her saying, I would accept the roll away and the extra charge and thanked her for all she did for us. I was not sure where I would find an extra $180, but I would figure it out. I shut down my computer and left for the day.

Two hours later I realized I had my phone on silent and went to switch it back on. I had a voice mail. It was Grace. She called to let me know they were giving me the roll-away complimentary and she was planning to stay on top of our case and if any 2-bed rooms or a suite with a water view opened she would move us immediately! Wow! After all that worry, Grace took care of it. Grace took care of us.

The moral of this story…check your itinerary carefully before you book, and after. Have some extra cash in case of any issues, and be nice to the hotel manager…they can make or break your trip.

A final shout out to Grace at the Hotel Grand Pacific!



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