2016 – let’s get this party started!

I am so excited to tell you about my travel plans for 2016. I will be posting about the run up to each trip, the trip itself and the aftermath in separate posts, but this one is an overview.

2016 looks to be red-hot. Here is the run down:

March-Austin, Texas road trip with Rachel (my best girl friend) DONE

June- Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)-1 week with mom-Bucket list trip

July- Waco Texas-Family traveling with friends for the 4th

July- Alabama and Panama City Beach, Florida-1 week family vacation with old friends

October- New Orleans – Girls trip with Mom and Anita (sister-in law)

November- Hot Springs Arkansas (I think) Anniversary trip with the hubby. May take another couple with us.

As you can see…I am going to be busy! Plus, I am already planning 2017 and parts of 2018. I like planning, it gives me the illusion that I am in control.

I am doing lots of Airbnb for these trips and I look forward to seeing how it goes. I have never used them before and have heard horror stories, but figure those are rare.

I am working on saving for each of these trips and I need to really scrimp and save. As I mentioned before, I work for a University and don’t make a ton of money so I try to be very thrifty. My mom makes fun of me because my first requirement in a hotel is free breakfast. It can save a ton of money if you eat wisely and stuff a bagel or two in your purse for later.

Got to go…need to get some work done. I will be back later to give you an update on Canada! I have never been before.


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